Finding cheap car insurance for a young driver may not be very easy and we have to look at the options available for an inexpensive young driver car insurance. An insurance premium is set high owing to the attendant risk factors pertaining to that subject.

Unfortunately youngsters in the driving seat are recorded to have a larger than fair share of accidents and hence a higher risk factor attached.

  • • It has been found that youthful drivers between the ages of seventeen and twenty five are responsible for one out of every three fatal accidents that are on the roads today.
    • Vandalism, theft and dangerous joy riding with a car load of buddies are all practices of young drivers.

These are a few primary reasons for cheap car insurance not being easily accessible to these youthful drivers.

Statistic indicate that drivers over 25 years of age are less likely to meet with an accident than those under this age, which makes the possibility of having to fork out on an insurance claim more probably than otherwise.

Another reason for young drivers usually ending up paying more than the older and wiser drivers is that they are newcomers to the game of insurance and less likely to have collected no claim bonus points to their advantage.

There are however several ways to consider and experiment with in order to discover cheap car insurance for younger drivers. Don’t despair, here are a few tips:

  • • Take the time and trouble to shop around quite a bit and obtain as many quotations as possible. There is a good chance you might find some specifically designed premiums for young drivers and other defined as being especially for those under the age of twenty five years.
  • • An important word of advice is to resist the urge to splurge on a highly modified turbo model car with alloy wheels and fat tires for your first car. These irresistible extras cost more to insure, naturally. Look for a plain and simple model with a small engine that will not cost you the earth in insurance.
  • • If you can manage it – look into the possibility of taking the test for the advanced driving program known as the Pass Plus, which after passing the regular driving test is another scheme that covers town traffic driving, motorway and night lessons. The benefit of doing this is that certain insurers do offer discounted rates of sometimes even as much as 35%, if you have completed this course.
  • • Another way to avoid the responsibility of having to take a car insurance for young drivers is to have them as ‘named drivers’ on their parents’ insurance policy. However they will not be the primary user and neither will they be eligible to build up no claim bonus points.
  • • Focus on staying out of accidents and avoid speeding so that you can collect your no claim bonuses and have them handy for a rainy day.
  • • Most importantly take no risks when you are driving however tempting it may be. Building and maintaining a clean record can make a difference in an insurance claim.

What Not to Do:

Do not under any circumstances indulge in ‘fronting’. This refers to the registered primary car diver getting the insurance in their parents name, and could result in you being booked for driving minus insurance, and the claim not being paid.

There are several types of insurance you can consider taking:

Comprehensive - cover for you, the vehicle and other vehicles in an accident.

Third Party fire and theft - costs of other driver negligence in an accident

  • Costs pertaining to the theft of your car
  • Damages as a result of fire

What you will have to keep in mind is that while the latter insurance is the cheaper one, bills for your own repairs will have to be borne by you.

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